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Derecho Aid Gets Blown Away

3 Mar 2021
OMAHA (DTN) -- House Democratic leaders stripped a provision from the latest aid package that would have helped farmers suffering from crop losses -- including losses due to high winds or derechos -- before the House held its early Saturday vote on coronavirus aid relief. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Tuesday called out House leaders for strippin...

Is Your Planter Ready for Spring?

3 Mar 2021
ANKENY, Iowa (DTN) -- Worn hydraulic hoses, gears and other parts and tools littered Jeff Jorgenson's shop floor last week as he readied his soybean planter for spring. It will take Jorgenson several weeks to perform a thorough pre-season check of the planter and install new equipment. This year he's adding Precision Planting vDrive, an electric dr...

Bill Tackles Cattle Price Transparency

3 Mar 2021
OMAHA (DTN) -- Two United States senators are taking a shot at improving transparency in the cattle market, reintroducing a piece of legislation on Tuesday that was originally offered last year. The Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2021 would establish regional cash minimums and equip producers with more market information. Sens. Deb Fischer, R-Ne...

Dicamba Rules Update - 1

2 Mar 2021
ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) -- For the fourth time in five years, farmers and applicators face a new set of requirements to spray dicamba over the top of dicamba-tolerant crops. The stakes for getting it right remain high. Parts of the Midwest and South have seen many consecutive years of off-target dicamba injury to a broad array of crops and plants. Thi...

Todd's Take

1 Mar 2021
At a time when corn is trading well above $5 per bushel and soybeans are over $14 per bushel, it sounds odd to be talking about leveling the playing field with China, but don't let the high prices fool you. China presents a new set of long-term challenges for U.S. agriculture that this country has never faced. So far, those issues are not being add...
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