Cotton AWP/LDP 03/19 13:58

19 Mar 2019
Cotton AWP/LDP 03/19 13:58 Next week's LDP (POP) rate will be based on this week's five day average AWP, plus or minus any change in the adjustment factor or any use of the Secretary's discretionary authority. The following table shows how this week's "A" index prices may affect next week's Marketing Loan Gain. Crnt Forwrd Trans Count Count 5 Low 5...

Flood Damage High From Lack of Warning

19 Mar 2019
By Chris ClaytonDTN Ag Policy Editor GLENWOOD, Iowa (DTN) -- Exasperated local officials told Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Monday about lost farms and businesses due to flooding, ongoing river breaches, the need for higher levees and their concern about a lack of information from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flooding over the weekend in the Misso...

Cash Market Moves

19 Mar 2019
By Mary KennedyDTN Cash Grains Analyst While the Upper Mississippi River (UMR) remains in winter hibernation, the rest of the river system is overflowing with excess water from snowmelt and recent rains. The flooding is preventing barges from moving grain and fertilizer for spring planting. The UMR will not see its first barge until the ice on Lak...

Listen to the Land - 10

19 Mar 2019
By Charles Johnson Progressive Farmer Contributing Editor Conserve soil, conserve water. Both go hand-in-hand on Steve Stevens' farm, near Tillar, Arkansas. A third-generation farmer on land that's 10 miles from the Mississippi River and 2 miles from the Arkansas River, Stevens has seen plenty of changes during his time here, and not all for the be...

DTN Midday Livestock Comments 03/19 11:46

19 Mar 2019
DTN Midday Livestock Comments 03/19 11:46 Price Positioning Seen in Hog Trade Light to moderate softness is seen in lean hog trade with increased underlying pressure holding across the entire complex. This may start to limit recent buyer optimism over the next couple of days. Cattle trade has surged higher following early triple-digit gains. By Ric...
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