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US-EU Drop Steel, Aluminum Dispute

1 Nov 2021
OMAHA (DTN) -- Agricultural and business groups on Sunday largely stated their support for a deal struck by President Joe Biden's administration and the European Union to dial back tariffs on EU steel and aluminum while also dropping EU's retaliatory tariffs against U.S. goods such as motorcycles and whiskey. While at the G-20 meeting in Rome, the ...

Tariffs Lead to Phosphate Shortage

1 Nov 2021
OMAHA (DTN) -- Five agricultural groups have filed a court brief asking the U.S. Court of International Trade to overturn tariffs imposed on phosphate fertilizers from Morocco, arguing the tariffs have given Mosaic Co. "near-monopoly" status when it comes to phosphate fertilizer. The commodity groups are joining an appeal against a decision by the ...

Concerns About Ag Land Sales

1 Nov 2021
Farmers aren't the only ones snapping up land in today's hot real estate market. Institutional investors and foreign countries alike increasingly see U.S. farmland as a sound investment. While foreign investors are reported to own less than 3% of America's food-producing soil, according to USDA statistics from 2019, concerns continue to mount about...

DTN Field Roundup

29 Oct 2021
ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) -- It should be a celebratory fall for Justin Honebrink. To his relief, the west-central Minnesota farmer is harvesting unexpectedly average crops, after August rains breathed life back into his drought-stressed corn and soybeans. But instead of riding that high, Honebrink -- like many farmers this fall -- is rushing to lock in...

Ag Funding in President Biden's Agenda

29 Oct 2021
OMAHA (DTN) -- The Build Back Better Act would inject more than $27 billion into conservation programs and expand investment in biofuels -- all tied to climate provisions in the bill -- while the bill also avoids changes to stepped-up basis in inheritance. The House Rules Committee met late Thursday to decide debate rules for the Build Back Better ...
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